Friday, March 7, 2008

Dallas Childrens Hospital Droid

Well, Here we go. This is the beginning of the DCH droid (Dallas Children's Hospital). It will be a R2D2 even though I have a R5 head on him right now. I just didn't want him headless right now. This one was made with a Wood Frame design with a Fiberglass Skin.
In this droid I have a Vantec RDFR23, RET411P and have the CF3, RF12ChRF bundle with the standard R2 Sound file. It was very satisfying to see him move around the house like it was on air. This droid has my caster setup to fit the JAG center foot. Very smooth movement on carpet, especially when making turns from a dead stop! The same setup with the omniballs actually stalled the droid on carpet when turning.

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